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How is your Honor Greater

Date: 2012-03-05   Category: Shmos   Sub-Category: Ki Tisa

Imagine experiencing the most powerful moment of your life. Now take one more step and picture that moment shatter before your very eyes...   What do you do the second after that?        Welcome to our... Read More

A Fire from Within

Date: 2012-03-01   Category: Shmos   Sub-Category: Tetzave

When someone has a ‘burning desire’, one can either use the burning aspect to destroy worlds or it can be used as fiery passion to create holiness. Reb Nachman explains in Likutei Moharan (#156) that fire can wipe out and burn away all that stands... Read More

Moshe & Ahron

Date: 2012-02-29   Category: Shmos   Sub-Category: Tetzave

Our leader Moshe Rabbeinu was able to reach levels of closeness to G-d and to every Jew for many different reasons. Yes, he led us out of Egypt, brought us to Mount Sinai, and was basically miracle-linked more than any other biblical figure. But where did he get the... Read More


Date: 2012-01-14   Category: Shmos   Sub-Category: Shmos

Sometimes it's so hard to relate. To relate to people, to  relate to other people's problems and issues, sometimes it's just so hard to relate to the world.  On a very realistic level, at times it can also become extremely difficult for us to... Read More


Date: 2011-10-08   Category: Bereishis   Sub-Category: Bereishis

We are always trying so hard to believe that the whole world was created only for us. It must be one of the deepest things to truly believe in once you get it. The last pasuk of our Parsha seems to really bring this concept home. How so? We all know... Read More

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