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In a teaching where heaven meets earth, Reb Nachman of Breslov explains that the mitzvahs which we keep down here don't just keep the covenant alive, rather they actually form candles. These candles, Reb Nachman explains, provide us with a path in the next world, to walk through G-d's treasure chest and choose whatever it is we desire.

But taking a closer look at the first pasuk in our parsha, something new comes to life based on Reb Nachman's holy words. 'Im Bechukotai Teilechu, Ve'et Mitzvotai Tishmoru', When you walk by my laws and when you keep and guard my mitzvahs.
Whose mitzvahs?
The candles which are formed by what we think of as our mitzvahs down here are essentially a double wicked flame which is the eternal flame we all look for in our lives. God allows us to form candles via his mitzvahs.
From the land where mitzvahs are most relevant... the final path of redemption shall shine from all our candles.
Good Shabbos
Shlomo Katz 



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