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At certain points in life of utter confusion - there is only one thing to hold onto – remembering that the Torah is eternal. It’s stories, it’s mitzvahs, it’s drama and it’s promises are all eternal.

The story of the ‘meraglim’ (scouts) is one huge puzzler. Men of such great statute could bringing about such a catastrophe to their people. How could this be?

Very Simple.

All they were told to do was to see ‘how’ to conquer the land and not ‘if’ they can conquer the land. Once Am Yisrael understands that coming back home to Eretz Yisrael is not an ‘if’ but rather a ‘how’, all confusion will cease to exist.

The meraglim were the holiest, but the bigger the test is – the more hidden the holiness becomes.

We only have one home… and it’s waiting for us to fully conquer it.

Good Shabbos





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