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Let's be honest. When I pray, do I pray seeking for answers or does my praying come from understanding that it's my mere sustenance?

As much as I'd love to sound holy, I have a long way to go... I still pray waiting for answers.

But in the middle of our parsha, the Torah reminds us 'Venatna Ha'aretz PIRYAH Va'acheltam Lasova'. The Land Shall Give You Her Fruit And You Eat Your Fill.

The only way one can be sustained and complete, lasova, is if we receive Eretz Yisrael's Pri, it's fruit.

There is a beautiful fruit in Eretz Yisrael, a fruit that has been growing since the first day of creation… the fruit of prayer. The Holy Land’s fruit is it's life force, and it's life force is it's destiny, it’s destiny has never changed ... Ki Beiti Beit Tefila Yikare Lechol Ha'amim, My House Is A House of Prayer For All Nations.

Davening is our only real sustenance.

How do we expect to invite the whole world when we ourselves have yet to figure out how to pray together? Until that day comes, we might be getting full, but not feeling sustained.



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