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At the beginning of our parsha, we are once again commanded to take precious care of the gift of all gifts, Shabbos Kodesh. But this time, everyone's presence was requested to hear of the holiness and sanctity of Shabbos. The obvious questions is didn’t we just hear of the holiness of Shabbos while standing on Mount Sinai?
There are moments in life that can be summed up in one word. The same goes with certain prayers. Throughout the prayers on Shabbos, we are constantly mentioning that Shabbos is a day where 'Kulam Yisbe'u Veyit'angu Mituvecha,' All Will Be Fulfilled and Find Pleasure Within your Goodness.'
In order to really receive the oneg, the divine pleasure of Shabbos, it essentially needs to be received by Kulam, by everyone.
Moshe knew this, and that spark of Moshe Rabbeinu within all of us knows this as well.
Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach used to say that one who keeps the Shabbos is one who simply isn’t able to taste the bliss of Shabbos until KULAM, until everyone tastes it together with him.
Our hearts should find a new way of showing the world (by also showing ourselves) what Shabbos is.
Good Shabbos
Shlomo Katz



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