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When it comes to imagining paradise, the picture always seems perfect. After all, it's paradise. What could possibly be lacking?

If that's the case, then what exactly does our Torah mean when we read this shabbos that 'G-d took Man and placed him in the Garden of Eden, to work and to guard it?' What kind of work and guarding is needed in Gan Eden?
Through this commandment which was given to the first man who ever lived, we learn of a certain type of work which at times might be most difficult to do, but essentially is the most fruitful form of labor. Adam was instructed to work and gaurd the garden, which means to keep the conversation between G-d and Man alive, which is the highest form of work and labour that exists.
It's the same work today. When opening a sefer (a holy book), when feeling that ultimate connection piercing through our souls during prayer and song or when treating our souls to a quiet stroll in the forest engaged in conversation with our Creator, we are continuing the same work which began with Adam in the Garden.
Us Jewish people have to teach the whole world that we have the ability to bring down a bit more Gan Eden each time we continue the same conversation which began with Adam.
After all, it was G-d who began this conversation in the first place...

Good Shabbos Everyone



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