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We are always trying so hard to believe that the whole world was created only for us. It must be one of the deepest things to truly believe in once you get it.

The last pasuk of our Parsha seems to really bring this concept home.

How so?

We all know that before G-d created the world that exists today He also created other worlds and destroyed them after not being happy with He saw.
After taking a small glance at the first few scenes in the Torah one realizes that this world could have easily been destroyed right away as well. Eating from the tree, being kicked out of the garden, a whole generation beginning to miss the point....what kept it going?

So the last pasuk says 'VeNoach Matsa Chen Be'enei Hashem'. Noach found grace in the eyes of G-d. Grace in Hebrew is 'chen', which is also the name Noach backwards. This is so incredible, when looking at Hashem Noach found his own reflection.

And that's what it took to keep the world going.... just one person who can really see himself when looking up to G-d..

It should be like that with all of us, at least once in our lives

and yeah... I'm a chassan

Good Shabbos, Good Yomtov



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