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Is there anything more G-dly than what a mother experiences when brining life into the world? Could anything possibly come close to that sense of closeness to the divine?

After such an exalted state of mind, heart and soul, what is a mother to do? How can she relate to anything in this world?

There is a very powerful pasuk in our parsha, a pasuk which has caused many to wonder what lies behind the meaning of pure and impure. The Torah tells us that after giving birth, a woman must sit 'bidmei tahara', literally translated as ‘she shall remain in the blood of her purity’. Thank G-d, we are living in a world that demands to understand a deeper meaning of this commandment.

Reb Shmelke of Nikelsberg points out that the word ‘bidmei’ comes from the word ‘dmama’, silence, and not necessarily ‘dam’, blood.

After taking another look at this pasuk, we understand how important it is to make sure that a woman has the mitzvah of keeping her secrets with G-d completely private.

The secrets G-d shares with the mother while bringing life into this world are far beyond any other revelation known to man. So after completing the act of birth, a woman has a week to begin to take in all that she has learned and was revealed to her.

Good Shabbos

Shlomo Katz 



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