Shlomo Katz


Dearest Friends,

Welcome to the new One of the greatest gifts in this world is to be connected and close to each other. Real Connection, real closeness. This is exactly why we are so excited to launch our new webpage, and build our own little virtual community. There is lots and lots going on, new albums, new book, concerts, tours, classes and much more.

Join us today as we begin this new year, singing and learning our way through our own book of life.



Torah of the Week

Breishis - A Different...

When it comes to imagining paradise, the picture always seems perfect. After all, it's paradise. What could possibly be lacking? If that's the case, then what exactly does our Torah mean when we read this shabbos that 'G-d took Man and placed him in the Garden of Eden, to work and to guard it?' What...

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